A bikers’ get -together for everyone!

The idea of a bikers’ weekend at Orfű occurred to us as early as 2011. The ultimate goal was to create an alternative event venue for bikers not only interested in listening to rock bands and attending other interesting programs at a biker event, but also eager to learn more about the history of the given region, to see the sights and to roam the exceptional panoramic bike routes. Bikers OPEN AIR was created along these lines, offering a full range of programs not only for bikers, but for the whole family. The Mecsek Mountains, situated no more than 200 kilometers from Budapest, offer numerous sights, not too mention hundreds of kilometers of hairpin riddled roads.

Whether arriving from the direction of Szekszárd or Siófok, the trip to Orfű will already be a unique experience, as you ride through the well-known route of the Mecsek Rally or maybe through the legendary „Sásd Rollercoaster”.

Bikers OPEN AIR 2012. july. 12-15. Orfű

Bikers's event - Without music? - NO WAY...

Hungary's most famous bands on the Bikers' OPEN Air festival

Friday, 11:30PM-01:00AM on the Main Stage


Saturday, 8:30PM-10:00PM on the Rock Stage

Kiss Forever Band

Friday, 7:30PM-p:00PM on the Main Stage


Friday 9:30PM-11:00PM on the Main Stage

HOBO and his band

Thursday 10:00PM-11:30PM on the Main Stage

Szekeres Band - JUNKIES

Three stages, diverse programs, lots of performers!

  • HOBO and his Band
  • HADDAWAY and Star Jam Session
  • Szekeres Band(Junkies uplugged)
  • Vadvirágok Band
  • Professor Brinkfunk
  • NEMCSAK BERRY zenekar
  • KISS Forever Band
  • Gordius

Additional artists, bands under the music events tab

Moreover, a unique event awaits the fans of motor sports: a street competition will be held along the winding roads of Abaliget.

Rocketroll run! Use your momentum!

The run’s unique feature is that, for once, your bike’s performance will not be an advantage, since the long downhill-winding course has to be completed with your engine off, so the only things driving you on will be your momentum and courage.

Those who prefer to spend the day hiking, instead of competing, can join one of our organized outings - on Thursday, Friday and Saturday guided tours await all bikers eager to discover.

In the evenings you naturally won’t have to go without the usual line-up of quality concerts, and numerous opportunities also await those intending to spend the day relaxing, instead of riding, such as an angling competition held in breathtaking surroundings, 5-a-side football, horseback riding or a visit to the Aqua park. Come and spend a weekend full of events in Orfű!

The Open Air Team

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